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tv   BOS Budget Committee 4617  SFGTV  April 10, 2017 4:20pm-4:51pm PDT

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san francisco state good gators and this is my middle son aaron and this is my daughter a teacher in the east bay so start recruiting and my wife yolanda who just the rock of our family and consistently and constantly there as the patience of job she carries us there love you. >> thank you for everything the two people i want to acknowledge you heard i grew up in the haight ashbury and hunters point and taught in hunters point the first classroom i taught in was the young lady was out on maternity leave and that's a compliment back here her classroom thank
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you for having that child made room for me in the district i don't want to ask howled i don't want to know but the first after the place where i taught wgeorg washington high school and the principal of the school. >> (clapping.) >> she actually tricked me into going into administration go get your credential out not use it for thirty years she said go on interviews you're only 27 none will hire you i went to interview at el dorado middle school i said ms. jones they want me she said you interviewed now go to is one of the things from ms. jones all children can
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learn all children want to learn and we as the adults in the system have the responsibility for making that happen and she 0 drove that and make sure if you were a member of the george washington high school you'll building that and if you didn't you were no longer a member of the george washington high school staff that is who she was and is and it has that same tenants have driven me to this today all children can learn all children want to learn and we as the adults have the responsibility for making that happen earliest it is said that my belief around the instruction the most important place not in the office but the classroom and the most important interaction that happens the interaction between the teachers
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and the students and everything else should be able and driven to enhance this interaction and make that happen in a high quality way i strive to do that every single day and finally i want to say that over 50 years ago robert i'm sorry jfk challenged to in addition to send a man to the moon and bring him back safely in the decade of the 50's psychos we take on this challenge not because it is easy but difficult a few years in brown versus the board of education the supreme court desegregated the schools integrated the schools and what that set in motion was the challenge of making sure that
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every child in our country receives a high qualify satisfaction e education we remember successful in sending a man to the noon in many large your honor's they struggle with the challenge of making sure that every child receives a high quality education i agree wholeheartedly with commissioner haney in any district is possessed to do san francisco unified school district is possessed to do that we have a resources and the energy and the talent and most importantly the desire to make that happen. >> (clapping.) >> as i started tonight i said that is quite an honor you have no idea my heart is beating 100 percent miles and minute for me coming home is a dream come drew
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u true but i really am most excited about the fathered you've placed in me to partner so we move forward and we eventually are this pays for districts of eliminating the opportunity gap thank you all. >> (clapping.) >> this is the only boards meeting i'll be attending i have the opportunity to leave early (laughter) so i know others i want to thank you all for we'll go out thank you all once again. >> (clapping.) >> thank you so many doctor manifesting and again, we're excited about your leadership and looking forward to many nights late nights here so you have the opportunity to do this
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we are going to go back to consent calendar can i get a motion and second on the consent calendar. >> second. >> thank you any items withdrawn of corrected by the superintendent. >> can i ask is there any items to withdraw or correct tonight. >> please. i'd like to withdraw consent calendar item 10 this is a duplicatef number 7 contracting in that section and withdrawn is one 74 for the consultant contract and withdrawn 174 go k 55 we have one correction for the service correct cat is april 5, 2017, through may 27, 2017. >> thank you no public comment tonight on this item any items removed for
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first reading seeing none, any. >> ms. mendoza-mcdonnell. >> i'd like to pull item k 58 please. thank you very much any other board members. >> all right. we will now have to let me hear what you're item is commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell. >> we changed it back? >> i don't know about changed that back but ms. casco. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll have a roll call vote a little bit later section d discussion on the severed by separate consideration. >> pardon me president walton we must have misunderstood the board will vote on the consent
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calendar exactly and vote on any severed items. >> i don't have any problem vote on consent calendar. >> ms. eng ms. zaragoza mr. cook. >> mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez and mr. walton thank you. >> and new commissioner vice president mendosa-mcdonnell. >> thank you i pulled item k 58 a retroactive resolution normally i'm curious on this one this the reason was the start data was required by the grant and for the downtown high school for $19,000 and this has been in motion since august 2016 that's that months ago we have been on a contract that we
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didn't have approved or funding for i want to know what happened here. >> good evening commissioners assistant superintendent the information i can get the specific grant information if you want a followup that is a grant the grant is not final list and the work is planned for example, you know that downtown is a project based learning school they actually plan the projects and start the projects at the beginning of the semester we believe that is a little bit long for this and he agree with you and i can correct that it is just an example of a grant not finalized and having the plan to start work. >> if you have a grant for a postage that is done at the end of year you should have the funding in place before you start the project to my point i
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mean whether the point is based or not you can't have work we contract with people without knowing how to pay for it or a contract approved and you know what i mean that is a little bit more egregious seven months a a long time whether you know you're paying for a mr. starr project. >> agreed commissioner that i'll move and work with the school to pasture they correct that they'll have to do rely on the grant funding this year to pay for next year's actually plan a year in advance with the particular projects that's what i'm going to advise them. >> in the future i'd like to see more of a reason than the grants said so. >> understood >> any others discussions on this item if not ms. casco roll call vote on the severed item
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roll call vote. >> thank you ms. eng ms. zaragoza mr. cook mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell no thank you dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez mr. walton thank you thank you 6 i's. >> thank you section e superintendent proposals for action one proposal item one 7321 sp one for the policy 5121/evaluation of student chouchlts that of there is a motion that has been seconded on march 21st a committee report if rules committee that was heard last time. >> ordered the solution for a positive recommendation. >> thank you superintendant lee you have someone to read
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into the record. >> yes. superintendent bill sanderson back again. >> good evening, commissioners and bill sanderson from the high school i wanted to double check on something am i to lead the background for or not read the actual entire policy please verify. >> unless the board president we read only the recommended action. >> that's very true. >> what page is that on? >> i apologize for the electronic version of agenda so i will - giving me one moment please - >> if it would be helpful i mean, i'll be happen to read it on your behalf our the
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recommended action board members the board of education adapt one 73 the board policy grade evaluation of students achievement. >> appreciate the teamwork together right. >> any public comment on this item seeing none, any comments from my colleagues xhoern. >> i want to say i have pleased to seeing this brought forward it right thing overdue and like to say that one of the teenagers in any housing that has opinions is in favor of this version. >> thank you commissioner norton and school district ms. eng. >> i added feel but we had a presentation. >> you will the members of immigrant are in favor and have the students support as well.
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>> thank you roll call vote ms. eng ms. zaragoza mr. cook mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. sanchez and mr. walton 7 i's. >> thank you. >> section f public comment on general matters please note an opportunity for the board to hear from the community on matters within the board's jurisdiction we ask you refrain from using employee and students names if you have a complaint about a district employee submitted to the supervisor and according to the policy as a reminder of california state law not allow us to respond to questions during the public comment time if appropriate the superintendent have ask that staff follow-up with speakers you have two minutes to come to
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the microphone and tonight we have elizabeth, (calling names). >> you have two minutes at the microphone. >> sorry. >> hi my name is elizabeth i'm a member of the union that works at the san francisco state university but coming here as a concerned citizen i want to invite everyone to a conference an emergency conference california emergency conference that is saturday april 15th from 9:30 to 6:00 p.m. at the 185 the
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blue cross it is a supported by labor raising i can't suppressing stress how important to stop the defunding of the public coffers and our tax money into private hands i'm a bit concerned about the boards stance an charter schools i think so i'm not against all charter schools we need to look very closely and safeguard the public funds for all people and children in this state and the fact is that teachers and teachers unions are not special interests but rather are part of the make up of creating communities and the politics of privatization around schools
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have destroyed the communities and defunct our common sense and we need to safeguard that and work together i looked forward to count on you to make sure that you safeguard public education and this conference is put together by unions, u a w and classroom struggles and also sponsored by oakland education association as well now more than ever it is important we protect our public education given we have secretary of education who representatives the most backward elements of our society thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good evening thank you so much i'm judy i'm here as a mother and a board president of
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charter of japanese-american citizens lead for civil rights and advocacy and education and community started in 1929 i'm here to speak on a headline that was recently in the newspaper the coach skewed of mac apologizing i asian students came from the community and we need to respond to as j.c. l so j.c. l sometimes in 1993 or 2003 with the support of ford motorist company said show our support japan is a derogatory term like which i know and chinaman and other things it gets more uncomfortable to say the rest o it
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from 1993 to 2002 brochures are alerting people those are not acceptable and it happened at galileo high school a mom of four sons i spent 14 years a baseball mom a basketball mom and it was really shocking appalling today something like that happens in our schools this is really a vulnerable time remember high school it was a vulnerable time for students who were prep to construct their lives and enter adulthood an adult would be better back in the day i heard he was a chinaman and slanted eyes so as
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a chinese-american student which i know chunk or whatever someone that is strengthening the character of students this is totally unacceptable and shameful so i'm asking please to we would like to be kept apprised because the community wants to know thank you. >> good evening president walton i've been one the school nurses for the past 20 years and here to ask to ask a second probation roadway i've known her a teacher and brings a rich backward a skilled educator and a native of our stiff a graduate
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of galileo a former a s p accident a woman that speaks cantonese and english and mandarin and an open mind a teacher with satisfactory and higher satisfactory evaluation and a caring compassionate and committed nature with those attributes known to us as galileo you've heard me speak about her and knowing how much she cares about the success of students i can't understand this non-re-election in those dies the crisis of affordable housing in the city and the commitment to stable and supportive schools you can't allow the dispatch of my educator let along along a special education teacher i'm asking to rescind this now.
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>> thank you. >> good evening i'm yvette a special education teacher at the galileo high school i teacher special ed for anybody else students i bring my show-and-tell i don't know about you but i'm tired i wake up at 515 in the morning and like to be home right now but the reason i'm not because this is such an important curb and jessica wong is my go to colleagues when i need her this is an important issue because i want galileo to be a high quality school where teachers and our homegrown probationary teachers are part of the community are respected and feel safe and the work that i and others
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are doing and google to support jessica wong shows puts a tatter on our back i'm reminded of the important duties of this kind work the 49 anniversary of the martin luther king i said two or three weeks ago we as teachers ask our students everyday to be great to try something new and go beyond something that is familiar and trust that to believe in in adult world i'm asking you to be brave too i know you've all tired and you've been up at the 515 and also you to be brave and take time to look at this issue this is about keeping high quality teacher at a high
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quality campus and making it safe for everyone there thank you. >> hi i'm crying it is normal nowadays i'm jessica wong i'm a special ed teacher at the galileo and currently being non-re-elected in a high subject up to february we were down teachers with the exemption of my under graduate i've spent a lot of time as a teacher and parent all in sfusd specifically at alamo and galileo i constantly constantly feel like the sfusd poster child i'm deeply routed in the city and my parents and
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aunt and uncles we all are san francisco alumni like me living and proving example how the san francisco unified school district education aspires a person in extraordinary ways as after college we want to serve our home community in my almost 3 years of teach i've taught chemical and physics and teach and volunteer to cut the classes for substances i volunteer to help the students with it hours and hours of testing i teach night school and summer school and spend my weekends volunteering for the class of 2020 in my capacity as class sponsor and go to every single
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school dance my teacher did for me when i was vice president at galileo i spent my life in galileo and gave 100 percent know we're helping the future of our society i'm asking you and pleading really for future reasons on my re-election i want to inspire the kids to love the learn to give back to their communities and not afraid and stand up for what is right and think about the impacts of now non-re-election on the students thanking that's why we're here i know i am they are losing their science teacher and math and night life teacher and summer school and allies -
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>> (clapping.) >> good evening in an effort to respect our minded we decided to have been voice for the communities tonight given the travesty of justice for mr. phillips we can't in good conscious urban design quiet about the situation we still wish for him to be transferred back to gradually and meeting with the situation currently we're trying to find the space regard enough to fit phillips supporter we'll not give up the new superintendent has talked about the most important thing the interaction between the teachers and students
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you've heard this many, many times here i've been coming since december with phillip x secondly, in his interaction with the students they miss him i still have not received e-mail responses for a few of i've reached out and one i sent a lengthy e-mail and in general i'm confused and dissatisfied with the situation we won't stop we're trying to be respectful as we can be and you'll be hearing more from us. >> (clapping.) >> good evening i'm sorry still letting to the president of the united educators of san francisco first of all, i want to comment on the next last
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speaker jessica and urge you to reconsider extending the non-re-election of this threatened young teacher the the spell ed teachers were recruited we can't afford to lose someone like this doctor manifesting said we have had the gap and there is a bowl effect we hear about a talented young person we're trying to make them work in the district that didn't show them the respect i want early feedback on the bargaining table the fact that the district came across the compensation early in the game a positive development
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for us the recognition of emergency of affordability criticize for the paraprofessionals and others teachers across the board 3 percent for sort of because 100 percent includes the day to day work that is debatable 3 percent is for everybody so increasing the work year you know we're that didn't look like a pocket for us there was an increase in a proposed there that the pending care but $50 for an employee with one excellent a month increases of $100 a police is a drop in the bucket here's a printout from the u.s. bureau of labor showing this 3 percent last year so 3 perce